Challenge: Life without bells

Challenge:  Life without bells.

In theory, a lovely idea.  In reality,  chaos.

Our school day ends with a second registration period.  A time for mopping up any behavioural issues, celebrating successes with form tutors and a time for reflection.  All is possible in 15 minutes….if students are in their form rooms by 3.05!

Solution:  A competition!

Students will be introduced to a form competition…which form will be in their seats and calm when a member of SLT comes around at 3.05?  Each day’s check will be worth one point, so a maximum of five points can be earned per week.

I’m hoping that students will buy into the idea and walk more quickly from lesson 6 to their form rooms at the end of the day.  I’m REALLY hoping that this will push teachers to end their lesson 6 sessions ON TIME!  After a term’s worth of gentle reminders and prodding, I’m crossing my fingers…